Jan 12th One Word Power Rankings

So here at Dump and Chaser, we like to put a spin on certain things that tend to get stagnant and boring over time. One of the most blatant offenders of the vanilla-type hockey article is weekly power rankings. Week in, week out, same teams, similar spots, and identical cookie cutter summaries of why they’re ranked where they are. We want to get away from the bullshit “all teams are created equal so we won’t disrespect anyone” style of ranking these teams.

With that being said, I’ve created the one-word power rankings, and it’s exactly what you think. 31 teams, ranked in order, with one word attached to each spot. It could be a player who’s on a streak, a player who’s been god awful, or a one hit adjective giving hint to how they’ve been playing this week. We’re hoping this sparks discussion, criticism, or questions with each new realize, and start some healthy debates among readers. ‘

Here we go…

  1. Tampa Bay – MVP’s
  2. Washington – Ovi’
  3. Vegas – Flu
  4. Winnipeg – Flying
  5. LA Kings – Redemption
  6. Boston – Resurgence
  7. Nashville – Rinne
  8. Toronto – Babcock
  9. St. Louis – Schwartz
  10. Dallas – Scoring
  11. NJ Devils – Youth
  12. Columbus – Bob
  13. Chicago – Slipping
  14. SJ Sharks – Renaissance
  15. NY Rangers – King
  16. Ducks – Hurting
  17. Pittsburgh – Revving
  18. Colorado – Surprise!
  19. Minnesota – Spiraling
  20. Philadelphia – Soon
  21. Carolina – Disappointment
  22. NY Islanders – Breaking
  23. Calgary – Runaround
  24. Florida – Waste
  25. Vancouver – Boesser
  26. Montreal – Overrated
  27. Detroit – Old
  28. Ottawa – Disaster
  29. Edmonton – Fluke
  30. Arizona – Hopeful
  31. Buffalo – Rebuild

The first One-word power rankings are laid out right in front of you. Confused? Angry? Let us know! This is just a fun spin on the normal outline of Power Rankings, thanks for reading.




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