Big Cats?

“You play to win the game!” We’ve all heard it, and I think we can all agree that they’re the truest words spoken in sports. But, the Detroit Tigers, are playing to win today. Its been the philosophy since they erupted into a contending team in the mid 2000’s. Contrary to what the “other” team in Detroit, the Red Wings, have done, the Tigers have seemingly given up on their Minor League teams, and are drafting, moderately developing young prospects, and trading for proven Major League talent. Which has worked, a plethora of division titles, and two World Series appearances, regardless of how they turned out, is impressive. But where’s the line? This is a all in or all out scenario, and this team cant win a world series the way its put together. Around six weeks from the trade deadline, and the looming free agency of David Price at the end of the season, it’s time to put up or shut up in Detroit. Whether it’s Cole
Hamels in Philly, or Johnny Cueto in Cincinatti, the Tigers need to make a move. With uncertainty at Third base, and mediocrity at the plate in some stretches, this team is a who’s who of underachievers. These next two months will be telling of the attitude in Detroit’s front office, and it will become clear soon enough whether the Tigers are ready to win big, or rebuild and lose for a while.


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