The Truth Hurts

Everyone dreams about it, that last second shot, the buzzer beater to send the game to overtime. We’ve all dreamt it, Paul Pierce lives it. After hitting a buzzer beating the week before, he was given the opportunity to do what we could only dream of, again. After a mediocre game, shooting just 1-4, in only 12 minutes of play, Pierce had the ball, and the nations attention. After a neat dribble, and impressive side step to the corner, Pierce throws up a prayer from beyond the arc. Washington fans held their breath, with their season on the line, the ball seemed like it would never come back down. Atlanta Hawks fans couldn’t believe it, could he actually crush them for a second time and force a dreaded game 7? Finally, it drops. It’s good. Paul Pierce had actually done it. But, as all fans do, we wait for the replay. To the untrained eye, nothing was wrong and the Wizards were going to overtime. To the avid NBA fan, Pierces’ fingertips were the demise of a Washington team that had come so far, overcome so much, just to be left on the doorstep once again. No good. Referees make the announcement and Atlanta fans sign in relief, Washington, in disbelief. It may not be the end of Paul Pierce, but a tenth of a second ended the Wizards.


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